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Efficient automation choice for packaging industry

The packaging industry is currently in the process of upgrading and transformation stage. Personalized packing form and flexible packaging materials request higher requirement on detection sensors for packaging line. Lanbao provides customers with a complete range of sensor product solutions covering the whole production line, including liquid level/level sensors used in primary packaging, photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, fiber optics, color mark, colors, and label sensors in secondary packaging. The light curtain, encoder, proximity sensor used in the rear packaging can also solve the technical problems of transparent objects in the filling production line and packaging machinery.


Sensors in the packaging industry must not only be able to cope with complex and variable packaging environments, but also meet the needs of brand image enhancement and high-speed, safe production. Lanbao has a wide range of products to meet the needs of packaging line production and packaging machinery, polarized series for transparent bottle detection, capacitive sensors for liquid levels detection, extended temperature proximity switches for special temperature condition, laser displacement sensors for precision sealing detection. Lanbao offering high flexibility and excellent performance products .

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