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  • Labeling Machine

  • Label roll diameter monitoring

    Product color mark detection

    Barcode recognition read

Efficient automation choice for packaging industry

The packaging industry is currently in the process of upgrading and transformation stage. Personalized packing form and flexible packaging materials request higher requirement on detection sensors for packaging line. Lanbao provides customers with a complete range of sensor product solutions covering the whole production line, including liquid level/level sensors used in primary packaging, photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, fiber optics, color mark, colors, and label sensors in secondary packaging. The light curtain, encoder, proximity sensor used in the rear packaging can also solve the technical problems of transparent objects in the filling production line and packaging machinery.


Labeling Machine

The labeling machine usually has two sets of sensors, one for detecting the position of the labeling object and the other for detecting and controlling the working state of the label. The types of sensors used include optical fiber, color, color mark, miniature photoelectric proximity switch so as to realize color mark recognition during labeling, cutting position confirmation, bar code reading, etc., which can ensure stable detection even under special conditions such as high speed motion, transparency and reflection.

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