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Safe and reliable stereo parking detection solution

Parking market faces a serious problem of supply and demand of serious parking spaces, and the contradiction between supply and demand of parking spaces continues to expand. With this as the background, the three-dimensional garage, which has obvious advantages such as cost and space utilization, is an alternative to the traditional parking space, which brings a huge potential replacement space for the industry. The main application scope of the three-dimensional garage includes three major sections: residential quarters, public construction facilities, and self-use units. With the intensive catalytic effect of the national parking lot construction policy, the future three-dimensional parking market will continue to erupt. The sensor is used for data collection of the intelligent parking system. It can measure the length and height of the vehicle and select the suitable parking space. It can also determine the abnormal displacement of the vehicle during the parking process by distance comparison and avoid unnecessary collision or scratching.


At present, there are mainly 9 types of three-dimensional garages on the market, including lifting and traversing, vertical circulation, simple lifting, vertical lifting, plane moving, roadway stacking, multi-layer circulation and so on. Lifting and traversing parking equipment is the most common type. It is a three-dimensional garage that uses a vehicle to lift or traverse the vehicle. It is generally a non-unmanned mode, that is, the way people move the car after leaving the equipment. Lanbao's photoelectric, inductive and ranging sensors are used in stereo garages to improve vehicle mobility and solve parking problems.


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