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Excellent performance, power 3C electronic precision production

The electronics industry has the characteristics of fast product iterations and new technologies innovation. Therefore, all kinds of high-tech equipment must be equipped with high-precision, miniaturized sensors to detect and control during the production process, thereby achieving precision production, low error rate, and winning the market share for terminal manufacturers. In the past 20 years, Lanbao has focused on the R&D and production of sensors. Thanks to the rich experience, stable product performance and fast delivery. lanbao sensors are widely used in chip production, PCB processing, LED packaging, IC packaging, SMT, LCM assembly in 3C electronics industry.


Lanbao's sensors are excellent in performance and variety, including background suppression miniature optoelectronics, micro optoelectronics, label sensors, high-precision laser distance measuring sensors and fiber optic sensors which are suitable for narrow space installations. Suitable for PCB processing, component packaging, and LCM production and final assembly process. Meet the requirements of manufacturers for rapid production, reliability and economy, and are the basic guarantee for the rapid update and iteration of industrial products.


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