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Industry application

Provide reliable process detection control for smart logistics

The realization of factory automation and intelligent manufacturing is inseparable from the support of intelligent logistics system. The development of intelligent logistics is inseparable from informatization. A large amount of data and information collection and transmission rely on the core device of sensors. The sensor is the key technology and equipment for the development of intelligent logistics. It is the basic product of the whole logistics system. Through the identification, detection, measurement and control of various intelligent sensors, the integration of big data and factory automation and the interaction analysis of the Internet of Things are effectively improved operational efficiency and create more industry value.


Stereo high-rack storage

The three-dimensional warehouse has become an indispensable storage technology for enterprise logistics and production management because of its high space utilization rate, superior ability to enter and leave the warehouse, and the use of computers for control and management, which facilitates the implementation of modern management. Automated warehouses are generally composed of three-dimensional shelves, roadway stacking hoists, communication systems, and automatic control system auxiliary equipment. Lanbao sensors are used for real-time monitoring of the stacking of opposite warehouses, and the automatic, orderly, fast, accurate and efficient designation of specified goods is completed. Inbound and outbound operations, improve the efficiency and efficiency of warehouse equipment and systems, and improve automation.

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