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In industrial field, different customers face different automation technology challenges, and the ability to solve these problems quickly and effectively is the core value of Lanbao's solution for customers. Based on the needs of different industries, Lanbao effectively combines various sensors and system products to help customers achieve best practices in automated management and meet the rapidly growing needs of customers. While assisting customers in solving technical problems, we are also providing better solutions for industry customers to improve productivity, enhance safety and reliability, reduce costs, and achieve business objectives and establishing mutual trust and win-win cooperation relationship with customers.

Tension system

What is DTY machine?

The core of the DTY machine is a false twist, and the POY becomes a DTY after a false twist. In order to obtain a good false twist performance, the functions of online tension detection, speed control, temperature control, and winding control are covered in the process flow.

POY:Pre-oriented yarn that needs to be deformed by a texturing machine

DTY:After being deformed by the texturing machine, it has unique bulking properties and good dimensional stability.

DTY machine process

In order to obtain a good false-twist effect, functions such as online tension monitoring, speed control, temperature control, and winding control should be generally included in the process flow.

Why install an online tension monitoring system?

Installing a tension monitoring system is beneficial:

(1)Keep abreast of the working conditions of the machine

(2)Improve product quality and machine utilization efficiency

(3)Significantly reduce waste of raw materials

(4)Save time and cost

(5)Provide a favorable basis for production decision management and equipment maintenance

By adding an online tension monitoring system, the following functions can be realized:


(1)Display status information of each spindle:Complete information collection and display of the working state (tension, yarn breakage, etc.) of each spindle;

(2)Indicate doffing:Determine the doffing time and prompt the operator to perform the doffing operation;

(3)Automatic judgment of yarn quality level:The quality level of each roll of yarn can be determined according to parameter settings such as peak events, mean events, coefficient of variation events, roll weight or roll length;

(4)Abnormal shredding and event recording:Cutting the abnormal position or overweight position of the event and recording the abnormal information;

(5)Production statistics:Statistics on the production, production efficiency, empty time, full volume and other parameters of the machine;

Lanbao online tension monitoring system is suitable for following application?

Most of the early texturing machines on the market did not have a tension monitoring system, and customers who purchased new models considered that the cost of the texturing machine equipped with the monitoring system was too high, and the original tension monitoring system was also less. Lanbao online tension monitoring system adopts advanced CAN fieldbus technology, which can seamlessly upgrade various mainstream brand texturing machines, such as Germany Barmag, Japan Murata, Italy RPR, China Hongyuan and other brands.

Germany Barmag/Oerlikon Barmag Italy RPR Japan Murata/TMT Machinery Corporation China Hongyuan

Advantages of Lanbao Online Tension Monitoring System

(1)The data processing host adopts industrial computer + 20-inch display screen. The system has high reliability, stability, anti-interference and scalability, and the display is clearer;

(2)It adopts advanced CAN fieldbus technology (CANOPEN protocol); compared with 485 bus and Ethernet bus, it has the following advantages: 1. Multi-master network: high transmission rate and bus utilization 2. Reliable hardware error handling and error detection Mechanism, error node has no interference to the system 3, network wiring is simple, thus ensuring the real-time data transmission, anti-interference, system scalability;

(3)Compact structure, less land occupation, simple wiring, modular key components, easy installation and maintenance;

(4)Support sensor automatic zero correction function;

(5)Support batch drop and single drop function;

(6)Tension monitoring components are made of custom aluminum profiles for a beautiful appearance;

(7)Tension monitoring components are made of custom aluminum profiles for a beautiful appearance。


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