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In industrial field, different customers face different automation technology challenges, and the ability to solve these problems quickly and effectively is the core value of Lanbao's solution for customers. Based on the needs of different industries, Lanbao effectively combines various sensors and system products to help customers achieve best practices in automated management and meet the rapidly growing needs of customers. While assisting customers in solving technical problems, we are also providing better solutions for industry customers to improve productivity, enhance safety and reliability, reduce costs, and achieve business objectives and establishing mutual trust and win-win cooperation relationship with customers.

Data management system

General introduction

At present, the tobacco industry is facing the increasingly fierce competition and challenges of domestic and foreign tobacco giants. In order to better meet the challenges, major tobacco companies are making a series of major changes to the traditional production management model to enhance competitiveness. With the goal of improving the competitiveness of enterprises, taking automation technology as the support point and using information as a breakthrough, promoting business process reengineering and organizational efficiency has become an urgent need for the development of the industry. Shanghai Lanbao has excellent products, solid technical support, professional consulting services and rich implementation experience. Lanbao provides strong system application guarantees for customers in the cigarette industry with tailor-made customer needs and systematic solutions, scientific specifications and detailed project implementation. The Lanbao Data Acquisition Management System (hereinafter referred to as LB-DAS) combines advanced information technology, modern management concepts and manufacturing processes, according to the coiling equipment, the nozzle forming machine, the nozzle transmitter, the cigarette conveyor, Packing machine and other production-related equipment, take the corresponding data collection scheme, align and measure, communicate, collect its operating parameters and running status in real time, detect and analyze the running fault, and process the recorded data to realize the volume The data of the equipment in the contracting workshop is automatically collected to reduce the work of production personnel and maintenance personnel.

By leading the design and implementation of data collection and information management system projects for multiple customers, Lanbao has accumulated rich system design experience and deep understanding of project implementation, and referenced the advantages and strengths of excellent software at home and abroad, the system After constant version updates, many features and advantages of ordinary software have been formed. From the technical level, there are eight main characteristics :

(1)Data fusion technology based on edge computing, greatly enhancing data availability

 The use of data fusion algorithms, including the collection, transmission, synthesis, filtering, correlation and synthesis of useful information given by various information sources, in order to assist people in environmental judgment, planning, detection, verification, and obtain accurate, true and reliable data. 

(2)Data visualization tools based on big data analytics, providing flexible analysis rules

Based on big data analysis, various data are graphically and visualized; according to the actual requirements of customers, flexible data analysis rules are formulated. According to the characteristics of different types of data, image formats such as pie charts, histograms, and line charts are intuitive. Display data.

(3)A new reporting system with custom editing and browsing modes, powerful

Introducing a new reporting system, you can quickly and accurately generate a variety of statistical analysis reports. Reports provide custom editing capabilities based on different permissions of the user.


(4)Proven data interface adaptation and data bus technology to ensure data communication flexibility and stability

 Lanbao has mature data interface adaptation and data bus architecture technology, flexible data communication, and can ensure the stability of data communication.

(5)Advanced Lanbao data mining development platform for functional customization and fast delivery

 Lanbao has an advanced and professional digital mining development platform, which integrates many years of development experience into this development platform. According to the different needs of customers, it can realize functional customization and complete the rapid delivery of projects.

(6)Complete data backup and log archiving system to ensure system data security

The system has a complete data backup function, and the log is archived in time, which is convenient for users to operate and query. More importantly, the system data can be highly secure.

(7)A unified and friendly human-machine interface for a great user experience

With a friendly human-machine interface and easy-to-interactive design, users have a good operating experience.

(8)Secure information in a variety of ways :

 According to the tobacco industry information system security design requirements, the data access model was reconstructed, from secure login, user authentication, data access, operation authority to data traceback to ensure information security.

System architecture

This system is an extremely important intermediate link for manufacturing enterprises, providing the necessary information source for the decision-making level of the enterprise leadership, and providing an efficient working platform for all levels of personnel. As shown in the figure, the system is divided into three levels according to the network form, namely: field device layer, data communication layer, and information management layer. The on-site production data is uploaded to the production control center through the field equipment layer, data communication layer and information management layer, and the production instructions are transmitted from top to bottom to the data collection station via the information management layer and the data communication layer. The overall architecture diagram of the system is as follows :




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