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In industrial field, different customers face different automation technology challenges, and the ability to solve these problems quickly and effectively is the core value of Lanbao's solution for customers. Based on the needs of different industries, Lanbao effectively combines various sensors and system products to help customers achieve best practices in automated management and meet the rapidly growing needs of customers. While assisting customers in solving technical problems, we are also providing better solutions for industry customers to improve productivity, enhance safety and reliability, reduce costs, and achieve business objectives and establishing mutual trust and win-win cooperation relationship with customers.

Quality data system


Quality data acquisition system software, suitable for tobacco industries such as cigarette factories. At present, the tobacco industry is facing the increasingly fierce competition and challenges of domestic and foreign tobacco giants. In order to better meet the challenges, major tobacco companies are making a series of major changes to the traditional production management model to enhance competitiveness. With the goal of improving the competitiveness of enterprises, taking automation technology as the support point and using information as a breakthrough, promoting business process reengineering and organizational efficiency has become an urgent need for the development of the industry. Quality Data Acquisition System (hereinafter referred to as Q-DAS) combines advanced information technology, modern management concepts and manufacturing processes, according to the coiling equipment, the nozzle forming machine, the nozzle transmitter, the cigarette conveyor, and the sealing The characteristics of the production equipment related to the box machine, the corresponding data collection scheme, alignment measurement, communication, real-time collection of its operating parameters, operating status, detection and analysis of operational faults, through the processing of recorded data, thus achieving the volume package The data of the workshop equipment is automatically collected to reduce the work of production personnel and maintenance personnel.

The system includes a collection terminal, a management terminal, a server end, and an ODB interface. The shop operator mainly completes the operation of the DAC collection terminal to complete the inspection data collection, and the workshop inspector mainly completes the collection through the collection terminal, and completes the data inquiry through the SManager management terminal. And the brand issue function.

The following is a brief introduction to the main functional modules of DAC and PMS :

(1)Acquisition terminal program (DAC): The acquisition terminal program is deployed in QTM integrated test bench, Rituo comprehensive test bench, HJY integrated test bench, Ruituo length meter, Ruituo hardness tester, Ruituo circumference meter, Ruituo resistance meter, etc. The data acquisition station completes the real-time data acquisition of the measuring instrument and collects the fault alarm data of the relevant instrument.

(2)PMS management terminal: The Q-DAS management terminal is deployed on the system administrator, electrician, quality inspector and related leading office computers to complete functions such as terminal data query, brand delivery management, equipment fault management, and machine parameter maintenance.


System level model diagram



System topology

System hardware architecture diagram: The system hardware architecture mainly includes data communication and storage of server cluster architecture and server and chemical inspection room, silk inspection room, auxiliary material inspection room, and finished product inspection room. The illustration is as follows:



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