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In industrial field, different customers face different automation technology challenges, and the ability to solve these problems quickly and effectively is the core value of Lanbao's solution for customers. Based on the needs of different industries, Lanbao effectively combines various sensors and system products to help customers achieve best practices in automated management and meet the rapidly growing needs of customers. While assisting customers in solving technical problems, we are also providing better solutions for industry customers to improve productivity, enhance safety and reliability, reduce costs, and achieve business objectives and establishing mutual trust and win-win cooperation relationship with customers.

Geotechnical engineering

Necessity of geotechnical engineering monitoring

Buildings are built on foundations with complex geological structures and uneven geotechnical properties. Under the action of various forces and natural factors, their working conditions and safety conditions are changing at any time. If an abnormality occurs, and we are not in a timely manner to grasp the circumstances and nature of such changes, and let it develop dangerously, the consequences are unimaginable. If the necessary monitoring instruments can be installed on the rock or soil structure or the engineering structure, and the engineering state can be monitored at any time, reinforcement or reinforcement measures can be taken on the rock or soil structure or the engineering structure to prevent the occurrence of disaster damage, or Take necessary emergency treatment methods to avoid or reduce the loss of life and property.

Geotechnical engineering refers to the engineering technology and engineering activities involved in the transformation, utilization, treatment and improvement of rock and soil in civil engineering. Geotechnical engineering involves all aspects of human engineering activities.

Geotechnical engineering monitoring: refers to the study of the stability and safety of engineering structures related to geotechnical and geotechnical structures, using certain technical means to install or embed equipment, stability characteristics of rock and soil or engineering structures and The technical operation of dynamic testing of changing laws.


System composition: Lanbao geotechnical engineering sensor + Internet = Lan Baoyun

Intelligent monitoring related sensor products and data acquisition equipment

Product applications include high-speed railways, intercity railways, slope landslide warning, bridge structures, tunnel mines, water conservancy dams, city market pavilions, harbor projects and smart city construction. Products include: displacement, settlement, deformation, pressure, stress and strain, load, inclination, temperature and humidity, water level, rainfall and other geotechnical monitoring sensors; other instruments, instruments and equipment for detection, measurement; wired automatic acquisition system, wireless Remote sensing measurement and data acquisition and analysis system.

Main features of intelligent monitoring system


(1)Acquisition module:

Different acquisition modules can be selected for different needs, and all the following functions are available. The acquisition module accepts the commands issued by the host to complete the signal acquisition of various sensors and wireless or wired data transmission with the computer, and can automatically recognize the intelligent sensors. The model and number of the sensors connected to each channel show the corresponding physical quantities (strain, stress, pressure, tension, displacement, temperature, etc.). The acquisition module can work completely independently and offline. The internal clock control circuit can periodically measure according to the set state parameters, and store the data of the timing inspection in the electronic hard disk inside the collection unit. After receiving the command issued by the upper computer, the command is issued. The data is sent to the upper computer. When there is no condition to form an automatic monitoring system, the portable computer can also be used to download the timed measurement data from each collection module point, thereby completing the long-term unattended monitoring. The acquisition unit is used for both direct and direct use. When there is no AC power, the built-in rechargeable battery can still be measured periodically and the timed measurement data is stored in the internal electronic hard disk to ensure that the data is continuous and not lost.


(2)Data communication

The system can flexibly choose more than two types of data communication methods, such as mobile phone, wireless and cable communication, economical remote wireless automatic measurement system, communication distance: wireless carrier: 3-5Km, cable: 1Km, fiber: 10-50Km Mobile communication: National mobile signal coverage area, WIFI wireless communication, etc.


(3)System scalability

The system has strong scalability, and can be equipped with multiple data acquisition modules, bus data acquisition modules and data acquisition units. Different types and different types of sensor devices can be integrated into the same automatic measurement system, which can be integrated into the minimum channel. 1 channel, up to 65536 channels of automated data acquisition system.

(4)Multiple measurement forms

The system can perform arbitrary point measurement, manual patrol detection and automatic patrol detection. The time interval of automatic patrol detection can be set arbitrarily.


(5)Data processing

Each acquisition module can independently store up to 85000 measurement records or 1000 inspection records, each record including sensor number, channel number, measurement time, physical quantity and temperature, and establish a database through data communication between the host computer and the acquisition module. Or Excel data files for easy data processing and analysis.


(6)System maintenance and fault self-diagnosis

Since each acquisition module can work completely independently and offline, there is no trouble with the 24-hour operation and maintenance of the upper computer system. The system has a fault self-diagnosis function to facilitate fault finding and processing.


(7)Host computer and system software

Is the command system of the whole system, complete system management, system parameter setting, command system release and data real-time acquisition, timing measurement data upload and transmission, data analysis and processing, database management, display or print data report, draw various parameter variables With the trend chart, etc., you can also draw layout drawings and various functional software, network monitoring management software, etc. according to user requirements. The rugged, fully sealed enclosure is waterproof, moisture resistant and resistant to impact. The lightning protection system is designed to adapt to the harsh environment of the all-weather measurement site.




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