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Strong R&D capabilities are a solid foundation for the continued development of Lanbao Sensing. In the past 20 years, Lanbao has always adhered to the concept of perfection and excellence, adhered to technological innovation, promoted product renewal and iteration, introduced professional talents, and created a scientific, professional and accurate R&D management system, constantly breaking through industry barriers and mastering sensors. Core technologies such as temperature compensation circuit, anti-interference circuit, measurement calculation, remote measurement and optical system technology provide customers with rich product selection, flexible and diverse system configuration, stable and safe energy-saving operation, and timely and professional services.


Lanbao has the leading technical team strength in China, focusing on the design and manufacture of advanced intelligent sensor products, and research and development of core technicians. They all have decades of industry experience and rich theoretical and practical experience. Lanbao constantly condenses and internally cultivates a professional team with rich experience in the field of sensors. The professional team in basic research, design application, process manufacturing, testing, etc., has more than 50 engineers, of which senior engineers account for more than 25%. Master's degree is more than 30%.




The Lanbao R&D team is actively innovating, supported by a number of government-specific research and development funds, and supported by industrial applications. It also cooperates with domestic leading-edge technical research institutes in talent exchange and R&D projects. Lanbao's annual expenditure on technology development and innovation continues to grow, with RD strength rising from 6.9% in 2013 to 9% in 2017. The ratio of core technology product revenue to operating income has remained above 90%. Currently authorized results: There are 43 software copyrights, 15 invention patents, 72 utility model patents, and 9 design designs.

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