Industry application
  • Stereo high-rack storage

    Conveyor system

    Sorting system

Provide reliable process detection control for smart logistics

The realization of factory automation and intelligent manufacturing is inseparable from the support of intelligent logistics system. The development of intelligent logistics is inseparable from informatization. A large amount of data and information collection and transmission rely on the core device of sensors. The sensor is the key technology and equipment for the development of intelligent logistics. It is the basic product of the whole logistics system. Through the identification, detection, measurement and control of various intelligent sensors, the integration of big data and factory automation and the interaction analysis of the Internet of Things are effectively improved operational efficiency and create more industry value.


Lanbao has a wide range of sensors with excellent performance, including inductive sensors, photoelectric sensors, ranging sensors, automated light curtains, encoders, etc., which can be used for transportation, sorting, and accessing of warehouse logistics. Product design takes into account the needs of economic and industry scenario installation, flexible delivery, stable and reliable, and can provide innovative customized solutions according to the actual needs of users, to achieve simple integration of warehouse management and process and operational benefits, promote an effective combination of sensor solutions and the intelligent logistics industry.


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