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Product information is the necessary identity information in the process of product circulation, they may be product specifications, instruction manuals, brochures, selection books, etc. The technologies, products, solutions or even industry guides you need can be found and downloaded from Lanbao website, or you can contact us at any time for any questions during reading.

  • Series product brochure

    New product brochure


  • Product Summary Date:2018-07-16 Format:pdf Size:9.019 MB PreviewDownload
  • Inductive Sensors Date:2018-06-28 Format:pdf Size:11.176 MB PreviewDownload
  • Capacitive Sensors Date:2018-07-16 Format:pdf Size:3.816 MB PreviewDownload
  • Photoelectric Sensors Date:2018-07-16 Format:pdf Size:12.633 MB PreviewDownload
  • Light curtain Sensors Date:2018-07-16 Format:pdf Size:8.240 MB PreviewDownload
  • Fiber Optic Sensor Date:2018-07-16 Format:pdf Size:6.282 MB PreviewDownload
  • Absolute Encoder Date:2018-07-16 Format:pdf Size:2.975 MB PreviewDownload
  • Color Sensors Date:2018-07-16 Format:pdf Size:7.814 MB PreviewDownload

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