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Warehouse Shelving Cross-Line Detection

In a multi-level automated warehouse, stacker cranes and shuttle vehicles continuously handle storage and retrieval operations. The PSR series through beam sensors are installed on both sides of the storage locations. They provide real-time signal indication for protruding goods, enabling timely adjustments of the stacker crane to avoid collisions.

Storage Location Detection

Before the distribution of goods from the warehouse, it is necessary to categorize them based on their size for efficient allocation of delivery vehicles and personnel. The PSE retro reflection type sensors installed at the edges of the conveyor belt, along with the PSE diffuse reflection type sensors on the gantry, enable quick identification and size classification of goods, ensuring fast response, accurate sorting, and improved turnover rate.

Fallen Goods Detection

The sensor is installed on both sides of the shelves, it detects any protruding boxes to prevent accidental falls.

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