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Silicon Wafer Passes Inspection

The background suppression series sensors features powerful background suppression capabilities and a very small blind zone, enabling fast and effective detection of silicon wafers in small spaces.

Silicon Wafer Gripping and Recognition

A variety of detection distances can be selected. The sensor is installed on the suction cup, which moves along with the suction cup and identifies whether there are silicon wafers on the track lines. If there are silicon wafers, the suction cup will grab them, otherwise, it will not.

Online Inspection of Solar Panel Modules

The sensors can be installed in parallel above the photovoltaic module layer. With their high-precision detection capabilities, they can distinguish between protrusions and depressions to perform defect detection.

Basket Passes Inspection

The through beam series sensors can be installed on both sides of the conveyor line to detect the baskets passing through the middle. Alternatively, the background suppression series sensors can be installed below the conveyor line to achieve precise positioning of the baskets passing above.

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