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Program Advantages

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Aluminum housing, sturdy and durable

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The maximum distance accuracy can reach 0.6% F. S.

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The measuring range is large, up to 1m

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The displacement accuracy can reach 0.1%, and the light spot is very small

Related Products

Contact LVDT amplifier series

Easy to set up, small amplifier, DIN rail mountable “+” button design, easy to operate Barcode indicator lights provide clear operations Support multiple modes of display (real-time, peak, etc.) Support 4 groups of channel configurations Supports various user function settings such as peak hold Support external timing input
Contact LVDT displacement sensor-pen shape series

Pen-shape design, compact structure, saving installation space The resolution reaches up to 0.1um and the accuracy reaches 0.2%F.S. 1N sensor head pressure enables wear-free detection of both metal and glass surfaces One-piece molding, protection grade IP65, reducing water and oil corrosion A wide range of optional contacts are available to suit a variety of position-specific measurements Sensors can be customized to suit the needs of various electronic systems
3D line scan laser sensor

4K ultra-high resolution clearly presents the true contours of objects The X-axis and Z-axis have higher precision and can better cope with ultra-high-precision measurement. Ultra-high scanning rate (15kHz), ultra-large measurement range supports ultra-high-speed measurement

Other Process Applications


Wafer Pass Detection

Glass Wafer Notch Detection

Wafer Edge Detection

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