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Capacitive Sensor

Stroke/positioning detection, etc.

Lanbao capacitive sensors are always able to solve the most difficult problems for customers. Unlike inductive sensors, capacitive sensors are not only capable of detecting all kinds of metal workpieces, but their electrostatic field detection principle makes them more suitable for detecting various non-metallic materials (plastics, wood, liquids, paper, etc.), barrier detection, and detection of different substances in containers through the non-metallic pipe walls; Electromagnetism, water mist, dust, oil, etc. have almost no effect on their normal operation, and the product has outstanding anti-jamming ability; In addition, the potentiometer can be adjusted for sensitivity, and the product has a variety of sizes, with standard sensing distance and longer distance, On-delay and Off-delay function to meet diversified needs of customers.
Picture Name

Series of single products

Standard function series

Suitable for detection of various substances: metal, plastic, liquid etc., which can even detect substances in containers through the non-metallic wall, and the potentiometer sensitivity is adjustable.

Frequency enhanced series

Higher response frequency and detection accuracy, strong resistance to EMC interference and the detection distance can be adjusted by knob.

Extended distance series

It can detect both metallic and non-metallic objects and it is easier to recognize target by extended the detection distance.

Corrosion resistant series

Teflon housing and integrated design effectively prevent liquid adhesion and corrosion, and can accurately monitor the changes in liquid level.

Pipeline liquid level series

Adopt arc appearance design, installation and detection are more flexible and reliable; can detect on-metallic media in the container through non-metallic pipe wall, widely used for liquid level detection and alarm.

High temperature material level series

Adopt special material and separate structure design, more stable performance; multiple sizes of detecting head optional, clear working status indication and sensitivity adjustable; widely used in dispensing equipment and other high-temperature environment.