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Characteristics of laser displacement sensor?

Intelligent: The sensor can automatically perform gain control, which is adaptive control and optimization according to the reflectivity of the target object.  Therefore, it can stably measure either black rubber or smooth metal surface.  Rugged: The sensor structure is improved to make the sensor body minimal. At the same time, the pursuit of resistance in all environments can be used, with the sensor structure, pure machining than plastic shell, more durable, electromagnetic protection function is better. In addition, the integrated machining of the optical base avoids the risk of measurement errors caused by the deflection of the base. Convenient: The sensor is small and easy to install. Probe weight 200g, dimensions 75mm*60mm*25mm. The small installation space required and light weight make it ideal for mounting on moving objects. Compared with split structure, it reduces space requirements and failure points.

Can LANBAO inductive sensor detect magnets?

Our inductive sensors are not Hall type and cannot detect magnets. But if the magnet is made of magnetic metal, it can be detected as an ordinary magnetic metal.

How is the standard detection object of photoelectric sensor estimated?

Through beam type and retro reflection type sensors are based on the diagonal length of the optical structure, the size of the larger diameter of the opaque object as the standard object. In general, through beam type sensor uses the diagonal length of the light transmitter and the light receiver as the length of the standard detection object. The retro reflection type sensor uses the diagonal length of the reflector as the diameter of the standard detection object. Diffuse reflection type photoelectric sensor is based on the diameter of the beam of white paper as a standard detection object.

What is the photoelectric sensor frequency?

When converting the frequency of the photoelectric sensor, we need to find the information of the product to understand the response time of the product, as shown in the following figure: the response time of the PSC to the 5m product is 2ms, which represents the vibration and reset of 2ms, so the entire response time is 4ms. Then the frequency f=1/ (2* response time) is 250Hz.

Inductive proximity sensor's operating voltage?

There're two types in inductive proximity sensor industry:

1. DC output DC12~24V (Max10~30V), including two-wire, three-wire, four-wire and aviation plug type. Lanbao can customize low voltage DC5~12V type according to customer requirements.

2. AC output AC220V (Max:60~250V), mainly two-wire.

The output signal of the inductive proximity switch?

Proximity switch is a general term for contactless sensor, including inductive, capacitive and Hall type. The output signal of the inductive proximity switch in this description is mainly: the switching signal of on or off (that is, when there is a metal object in any position within the maximum range detected by the sensor head of the proximity switch, a switching signal will be given, and when the object is not within the detection distance range, the sensor switching signal is opposite to the action).

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