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Common Problem Types

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What are the application scenarios of laser displacement sensors?

Measuring sheet profile, measuring the dispensing height in the precision dispensing system, measuring the thickness and crown of the hot rolled steel plate, seam detection of the tape, measuring the film thickness with two probes, positioning of the robot arm, measuring the flatness of the object with multiple probes, and detecting the slope of the platform.

What causes the encoder to lose pulses?

1. Exceeds the response frequency of the encoder or subsequent equipment 
2. The wire is extended too long 
3. Encoder hardware problem 
4. There is jitter or interference in the field environment 
5. There is loosening between the encoder and the motor shaft, there is no fixed tight, and there is an eccentric deflection angle

What are the sensor connections?

Cable type- Connect through cable leads
Terminal type- Connect through terminals
Connector type- Connect through connector

How is the position of the detection object set?

The sensing distance of the sensor will change slightly due to changes in ambient conditions such as temperature changes and voltage changes. Therefore, in order to make the sensor work stably, the maximum approach position of the detection object must be less than the sensing distance. When using standard testing, the actual sensing distance should be set at less than 80% of the operating distance. In addition, when the shape of the detection object is smaller than the standard detection object or the detector other than iron is used, the sensing distance is shortened, so the actual sensing distance must be shortened accordingly.

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