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Photoelectric Sensor

Lanbao photoelectric sensors can be divided into small-sized, compact, cylindrical according to the sensor shape; They can also be divided into diffuse reflection, retro-reflection, polarized reflection, convergent reflection, through beam, BGS etc. according to detection type. The sensing distance is adjustable, easy to set up. Short-circuit protection and reverse polarity protection allow the sensors to handle complex working conditions. Cable and connector connections are available for easy installation. Metal housing products are sturdy and durable to meet the requirements of special applications, while the plastic housing products are economical and easy to install. Light-ON / Dark-ON switchable to meet different signal acquisition needs; built-in power supply options of AC, DC, or AC/DC universal power supply, and relay output with a capacity of up to 250VAC*3A.

Inductive Sensor

Adopt non-contact position detection, no abrasion to the target, higher reliability; clearly visible indicator, easier to judge the working status; Φ4 to M30 dimensions, body length from ultra-short, short to long, extended long; Cable and connector connections are available; Adopt special IC for more stable performance; short circuit protection and polarity protection; capable of all kinds of limit and counting control, suitable for various industrial occasions such as high temperature, high pressure and wide voltage.

Capacitive Sensor

Lanbao capacitive sensors are always able to solve the most difficult problems for customers. Unlike inductive sensors, capacitive sensors are not only capable of detecting all kinds of metal workpieces, but their electrostatic field detection principle makes them more suitable for detecting various non-metallic materials (plastics, wood, liquids, paper, etc.), barrier detection, and detection of different substances in containers through the non-metallic pipe walls; Electromagnetism, water mist, dust, oil, etc. have almost no effect on their normal operation, and the product has outstanding anti-jamming ability; In addition, the potentiometer can be adjusted for sensitivity, and the product has a variety of sizes, with standard sensing distance and longer distance, On-delay and Off-delay function to meet diversified needs of customers.

Measuring Sensor

Based on years of accumulated technical experience and unique algorithms, Lanbao intelligent sensors have been incubated to laser ranging/displacement sensors, laser line scanning, CCD laser line diameter measurement, LVDT contact displacement sensors, etc., suitable for precision inspection in 3C, new energy and other industries.

Ultrasonic Sensor

Analog voltage output 0-5/10V or analog current output 4-20mA; Output can be changed by serial port upgrade; Detection distance setting by teach wire; Temperature compensation.

Sensing Measurement and Control System

In the industrial field, different customers face different automation technical problems, and the ability to solve these problems quickly and effectively is the core value of Lanbao. According to the needs of different industries, Lanbao combines all kinds of sensors and systems to help customers realize the best practice of automation management and rapid business growth. While assisting our customers to solve technical problems, we also provide better solutions to improve productivity, enhance safety and reliability, cut costs, realize business objectives and establish a win-win relationship.

Fork Sensor

Various specifications, small and compact; multi-angle action indicator lights; frequency up to 3KHZ; multiple protection circuits; IP65 protection level.

Optical Fiber Sensor

Industry-leading dual-monitoring mode, built-in high-speed digital processing chip; automatic and manual calibration function optional; leading high-precision detection compared with similar products; Excellent detection distance beyond the conventional optical fiber; easy installation and maintenance of the wiring system.

Light Curtain

Ultra-long detection distance, and detection height from 140 to 1880mm; with self-testing function, can automatically detect the product internal abnormality, synchronization abnormality; Highlighted indicator makes the working status easy to identify; IP65 for a variety of environments.

Gas Pressure Sensor

Ultra-thin and exquisite appearance design, saving setup space; frosted panel with high-definition LED display, clear and anti-scratch; three keys for convenient setup and operation,wide range of applications; positive and negative pressure can be easily measured, precise control; key lock setup function, more secure.

Magnetic Sensor

Magnetic sensors are used for detecting magnets and magnetically conductive materials, typically for detecting the position of the piston in cylinders and for measuring speed, etc. The sensors are non-contact, with short-circuit protection and IP67, sturdy and durable. They can be mounted flush or non-flush in non-magnetizable metals and are reliably detected with high mechanical stability against shock or vibration.

Color Sensor

Slight chromatic aberration recognition; easy sensitivity adjustment, intelligent, digital settings; equipped with a small volume of high-power special detection head; 8-channel or 4-channel detection, a variety of color detection, reduce production costs; can detect nearly 3,000 kinds of colors; a variety of detection modes suitable for a variety of different application requirements.

Color Mark Sensor

Various circuit protections to ensure the stability and safety of the sensor: Reverse protection, surge protection, short circuit protection; Yellow LED, which can check the status of sensor more clearly; Excellent components and strict quality control to ensure long life and high reliability; Cost-effective, easy to operate and widely used.


We can provide complete accessories to customers, such as connection cable, connectors junction box, mounting racks for capacitive and photoelectric sensors, reflectors for polarized retro reflection and transparent object detecting sensors, and other accessories required.