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Program Advantages

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Ultra-thin photoelectric sensor

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Complete product range

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Bright LED status indicator visible at 360°

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Dual-color indicator lights, red light source for easy alignment

Related Products

PSE-TM30 laser series

Through-beam type, detection distance: 30m NPN/PNP NO+NC output. Laser spot, high positioning accuracy. Universal housing,an ideal replacement for a variety of sensors.
PSE-TM20 series

PSE-TM20 through beam sensor, Sn20m, Infrared, output NPN/PNP, NO/NC selectable, 2m PVC cable/M8 connector selectable
PSE-TM10 series

PSE-TM10 through beam sensor, Sn10m, Infrared, output NPN/PNP, NO/NC selectable,2m PVC cable/20cm PVC+M8 3-pin connection selectable
PSE-TM5 series

PSE-TM5 through beam sensor, Sn5m, red light, output NPN/PNP, NO/NC selectable,2m PVC cable/M8 connector selectable

Other Process Applications


PCB Stack Height Detection

Workpiece in Place Detection

Lead Frame Error Detection

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